5 Ways To Get A Raise

“The other day, a client shared with me her financial situation at work, and asked some probing questions about money, salary, compensation and promotions that revealed a good deal about her personal money story and behavior.

“She shared this: ‘Kathy, I’m not earning nearly what I should be, despite asking for a raise repeatedly (and being told ‘Not now’). I just don’t know what else to do. And I can’t figure out why I chronically under-earn compared to my peers at the same level. What should I do differently?’

“We delved into her relationship with money overall, including the salaries she’s been earning, how and when she asks for a raise, ways in which she advocates and negotiates for herself, if she has sponsors and mentors, and other key factors impacting her level of success. …

“What are the core factors behind why we’re able to consistently grow our salaries and job earnings?”
“5 Ways To Get A Raise And Earn More Money, And Why So Many Don’t,” by Kathy Caprino, Women@Forbes, May 30, 2017

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Productivity post and podcast

As if you have time for this, but here they are:

11 time management habits that increase your daily productivity, Real Life E
Some of these are easier than others. My favorite procrastination beater, which is not on her list, is to refuse to do what you need to do for 20 minutes, and see how much you want to do it after that. I’m always amazed how annoyed I am that I had to wait 20 minutes to do something I was avoiding. Strange, but true.

Freaknomics podcasts (you can listen while you dust your desk or something):

How to Be More Productive
Freaknomics, December 21, 2016 (rebroadcast)

And the amusing:

Who Needs Handwriting?
Freaknomics, December 9, 2016

November 11, 2016: All roads lead to retirement (hopefully)

Charting Your Course: A financial guide for women

All roads lead to retirement, but are you taking the scenic route or expressway?
Calculating your ideal ETA and setting goals to achieve financial well-being are good first steps.
Join us for a workshop that will cover the basics of saving for one of life’s biggest journeys.
You do not need to be a TIAA participant to attend.

TIAA’s workshop leader will help you:
• Evaluate your financial health and set realistic goals.
• Discover how to help make your money work harder for you.
• Learn how to create a retirement saving plan.

Please join us on Friday, November 11, 2016:

University Park Campus
Hedco Auditorium (In the lobby of Hedco Neurosciences Building- HNB)
8:30-10:00 a.m.

Health Sciences Campus
Hastings Auditorium, Room 100 (Inside Hoffman Medical Research Building- HMR)
1:00-2:30 p.m.

To RSVP for this event, go to http://www.usc.edu/esvp and use the event code Woman2Woman.

Unable to attend? Here is a link to similar information:

Woman2Woman financial living

4 Characteristics of Leaders Who Get Hired and Promoted

“Imagine if you had the opportunity to sit down with a senior executive and get the real, straight up truth about what it takes to stand out as a leader in today’s highly competitive workforce.

“That’s exactly what I got when I interviewed Oracle executive John Hall about the most common characteristics of people in his organization who contribute the most value. Hall was more than happy to divulge the four characteristics shared by those he is most likely to hire into – or promote within – the organization he has led to become the world’s most profitable software training business.”
By Jo Miller, Be Leaderly

Employee Engagement Isn’t Getting Better And Gallup Shares The Surprising Reasons Why

“American business is losing its war on engagement.

“As a quick reminder on why we took up arms in the first place, it was June 2013 when Gallup first released its State of The American Workplace study that revealed only 30 percent of the nation’s workers were fully engaged in their jobs.

“Since then, companies have gone on to launch all kinds of well-intended missions, campaigns and strategies, all with the goal of upending apathy, discontent – and the low discretionary effort too often displayed by their rank and file employees.”
Employee Engagement Isn’t Getting Better And Gallup Shares The Surprising Reasons Why, by Mark C. Crowley, LinkedIn, December 9, 2015

Neanderthals of Science

“In June 2015, Sir Tim Hunt was reviled for arguing in favour of gender-segregated labs on the grounds that ‘girls’ cause men to fall in love with them, and cry when criticized. His comment cost the Nobel Prize winner his honorary professorship at UCL, and his position on the Royal Society’s Biological Sciences Awards Committee. More recently online, The Review argued that campaigning for women in STEM was unnecessary. Gender gaps in different professions, the editorial contends, can often be a matter of biology. Gender is a factor in determining why we study what we study, and blindly incentivizing students to pursue STEM subjects may distort the job market in the longer term.”
Why Campaign for Women in STEM?, by Jonathan Beyer, Mendeley, 2 December 2015

Apparently we still have a long way to go, baby. And this might be funny if it wasn’t so annoying. Cry when criticized? Biology-based gender gaps? Really? Huh.